Friday, January 05, 2007

Cucurbit Revolution Begins Here

The holiday photos just came back from the drugstore!!! Contained therein was an inspiration straight from Discordia. Sometimes she whaps me on the back of the head with a rolled-up magazine, but this time she came up under my desk chair and whizzed me around the room a few times. When the chair came to rest I had in front of me a photo of the best Halloween party I attended last year.

"Pass it on," she hissed, and I was alone again.

OK, here goes. You have the option to DO WHAT I DID: instead of throwing a party for humans, why not have a quiet get-together with the pumpkins themselves? You can see they are having a great time. I certainly did, too. It seemed to be only fair to give them a sort of cast party before I slung them outside to entertain the neighbors. Liselle, in the center there, commented that she never knew the movies we watch at this special time of the year are so, well, lame. Of course most people don't treat themselves to A Bucket Of Blood regardless of the holiday season. I watch it at any time of the year. I recommend it.

Yes, you can see from the photo that EVEN THE GIANT KILLER CRABS IN THE HOUSE GOT INTO THE ACT. I never thought I'd see a decapodal operative wearing a witch hat, but that's what this sublime faith is all about: rolling hand grenades, large and small, into your belief system. I want you to ponder deeply and well on this photo.


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