Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mystery Half-Solved...Maybe

I know you are all still wondering whatever happened with the Andrea Jean Bean case. This unfortunate woman was found dead in a northeast suburb of Detroit by her children, who were being dropped off for a supervised visit. The condo was splashed from top to bottom with blood. Andrea Jean was dead on her bed, but she was not wounded anywhere,
and the blood was not hers.
So at this writing we have half an answer. She died of drowning. In her bed. I know; that's what I said, too. I expected the cause of death to be an anticlimax, but actually that's pretty weird.
They still do not know whose blood is all over the walls and floor.


Anonymous jenwebb said...

Hey :) Ok it's been a while now... anybody hear anything new about this case? I Google my arse off every couple of months but with no success. Who's blood was it????? Aararararagh! Don't the police want to solve this one if not JUST for the curiosity factor?

3:58 PM  

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