Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let Confusion Reign! Or Do I Mean "Rain"?

"A recent survey of some 2,000 young adults suggested that a staggering number of Britons were deeply confused about some of the most important events and personalities in their country's history.  Half of those surveyed were convinced beyond question that King Arthur was undoubtedly a real -- and not possibly a mythical or semi-legendary -- figure.  Conversely, as many as one in ten thought Hitler had NOT, in fact, been a 'real' person, whereas one in 20 adults confirmed that the comic-book character 'Conan the Barbarian' had been a genuine figure in history; almost half the respondents were willing to extend the same privilege to Robin Hood, to say nothing of his band of merry men."

-- Robert L. Mack, in The Wonderful and Surprising History of Sweeney Todd, copyright 2007, Continuum Books


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