Saturday, July 08, 2017

Trump's Voters -- Who Are They?

More than a few of the 7 billion Homo saps on this earth are in throw-the-bums-out mode right now.  Many of those with voting rights are applying them towards this goal, for instance the 65% of French voters who chose Emmanuel Macron, a guy with zero previous political experience, to be their next president.  

Some of those WITHOUT voting rights are just, you know, setting stuff on fire, hoping that will improve matters.

I read somewhere that 5% of Trump voters wanted him to act as a "wrecking ball."  What the article didn't say was exactly WHAT they want Trump to wreck.

I haven't seen much wreckage just yet.  All he seems to be doing is shooting his mouth off.


Blogger Dragon said...

Steve Bannon has made it clear he wants to dismantle the administrative state. His videos call for the fourth turning and total break down of society, chaos and destruction. This is a discordians dream, the culmination of thousands of conversations and intensions. Don't rightly know if it will come to pass...

3:46 PM  

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