Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Mystery Man For You To Get To Know

If you don't know this man, you probably don't know anything.
OK, OK, do you give up? This photo is of a man who goes by all kinds of names, but I like to think of him as "Clovis." Is that a broad enough hint for you, gentle reader?


Blogger Duamuteffe said...

Oh yes, when the rest of my female classmates were gushing about the latest sitcom star, *that* is who haunted my daydreams, thanks to a small collection of his stories in the local library. Hard to explain, though, when the subject came up- not that I ever put much effort into trying. Even at that age I understood that you're either the type of person who wants Clovis Sangrail chained to your bed or you're not.

Still searching for the perfect Hollandaise recipe, just in case #laughs#

1:23 PM  

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