Tuesday, July 17, 2012


What a delightful read! 

This is a brand-new release by Thomas Canfield (who signed my copy "E Pluribus Discordia"), via ACS Publications.  NOT TO BE  MISSED.

Why, you ask?

>> It traces the effects of the newly-discovered planet Eris through American history, placing the chuckling grenade in the charts of some of the big names in your old high-school textbooks like Henry Clay, Ben Franklin, and John F. Kennedy. 

>> He also runs the charts of some well-known events, like the Waco disaster and the destruction of the World Trade Center. VERY educational.

>> The man sees the humor in what he's doing and also really works to help the reader underdstand the astrological influence of my ruling planet.

DISAPPOINTMENTS?  Yes, there were a few...

>> This is strictly American history and the book barely mentions some large events that I, personally, would like to know more about in this context.  He skimmed right past the Great War, for instance, the most Discordian event I can think of off the top of my head.  Hey, it ONLY destroyed civilization as we knew it, trashed the very concept of honor, deconstructed empires, changed every man in the trenches from a hero into a lemming, and directly led to a few other minor upsets like the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust, the Cold War...

>> At times I wish he had explained more carefully what he saw as the effect of Eris in this or that area of someone's chart.  Astrology is not really my specialty, and I came away feeling like I missed something here and there.

>> He never gave us the birth chart of the Pentagon.  Come on, man, what's a discussion of Eris without any mention of the Pentagon!?  Especially since he gave us the chart of September 11th.  You NEED that in the next edition, Tom.  Seriously.

Overall, though, this is a delightful and worthwhile read.  I honestly wish it had been longer.  You can't say that about just any book in these dark times.  Buy it.  Read it.  Keep it in a place of honor.


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