Saturday, August 31, 2013

It Is To Laugh, Chapter 374

The latest uproar in the White House is over the Obamas' new puppy, named Sunny.  The rumor-mongers lost NO TIME in announcing that the puppy's REAL name is Sunni, as in "Sunni Muslims."  Because everyone knows what the Obamas are really up to, praying to Allah and all that heathen shit.  As a co-worker of mine recently stated with a confident smile, "I've researched it completely and I know.  He's a Muslim."  One thing I've learned in my field is that you should never argue with the crazy.  OK, then, he's a Muslim.  Whatever you want.


I wonder how the "Obama's a Muslim" set reads the fact that our 44th president has spent all five years of his presidency BOMBING THE SHIT out of various Arab countries.  As I type this, he is lining up his battleships and aircraft carriers around Syria so he can bust a move on Bashar al-Assad, ANOTHER Muslim president.  Who rules more than a few Muslim people.   Why?  Because Assad used scurrilous, non-cricket chemical weapons on his own people.  Obama will show Assad a thing or two:  he will blow up even more Syrians with weapons anyone can see are  PERFECTLY cricket.

See, everywhere you look there are people too crazy to argue with.


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