Saturday, July 06, 2013

I Apologize For Not Keeping Up With All These Developments...

...But Mohamed Mursi appears to be the most recent winner of the Bigwigs Ripped Off Their Pedestals And Stomped By An Angry Populace Sweepstakes. 

WHO WILL BE NEXT?  Another rabidly Republican state rep or senator in the USA, caught propositioning an undercover detective at a highway rest stop?  A Canadian PM on hidden video camera, smoking angel dust with a notorious porn mogul?  The President of the Church of Latter-Day Saints discovered with half a dozen dead infants buried in his backyard, exhibiting the marks of cannibalism?  Will the mayor of  a major city on Europe be proven to have misappropriated so many public monies that he has been able to purchase a Pacific island on the sly?   Will an angry mob of Chuppies armed with tasers and duct tape topple the Chinese Politburo?

I can hardly wait!


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