Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Calm Down, Chicken Little! Everything Is Under Control!

I saw this graphic on the TV screen at the diner just now.  It's a candid snapshot of the Ebola virus, which as I type this is bleeding people dry all over the Western lobe of the African continent.  The news was full of stories about the American doctor being treated for Ebola and the American man who flew to his sister's side in Africa to help care for her because she had malaria -- or so he was told.  He got on a plane to come home and died of Ebola before getting any farther than Nigeria. 
The banner scrolling across the bottom of the screen, intended to soothe our worried brows? 
All hail the sacred Scare Talk!  Long may she wave! 
(Just to give you the current headcount:  800 are infected and 674 of those are already dead. They say 60% of the people who catch it die, and I'm not sure the math works out when you plug in today's figures -- does anyone have a calculator? No medicine is known to be effective against the virus.) 


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