Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Discordian Soul...

...Hardly knows how to react to the events of the past couple of weeks in the Middle East.  OK, there are ALWAYS terrible things going on there, and most days -- when the terribleness is about idiots arguing at summit conferences about issues that would make a cat laugh -- it fills me with a sense of satisfaction only a staunch Discordian can feel. 
As the hymn goes, "Join in thickest fray/For the greater glory/Of Discordia!"
But now there's this.  These three kids, yeshiva students, two Israelis and an American, were kidnapped and killed, left under a heap of stones like so much roadkill:

This is more or less how they appear now:

Next, in what looks like a retribution killing, THIS menace to society was snatched and burned alive by parties unknown:
That's the 'before' photo.  Here's the 'after,' a shroud-wrapped unrecognizable mess with burns over 90% of his broken body:

I mean, LOOK AT HIM.  They describe Muhammad Abu Khdeir as being 16 years old, but he doesn't even look ready for middle school yet in this picture.  No matter how old he is, someone decided to make him a martyr in a way that serves as an extra kick in the teeth to those who revere the sacrifice of Mohamed Bouazizi, who personally began the Arab Spring by immolating himself. 
And this is RIGHT where the other, lesser-known and least-understood side of Discordia kicks in.  When Eris sees peace, she wants to stir some shit up and get everyone arguing.  Because peace is really no fun to her.  When war is raging, she goes all Jimmy Carter on you and sorrowfully demands PEACE.  Because war is so horrible. No matter what's going on, she needs to argue with it.
WHERE ARE THE DISCORDIANS IN THIS PICTURE?  Am I really the only one who wants to see EVERYONE on both sides of the controversy STAND UP AND SAY, "ENOUGH"? 
What is it going to take before the ordinary, everyday Tzipporahs and Alis who have been at war for DECADES get together for lunch and say, "We've been stupid; let's bury the hatchet"?  At the moment, this is what I see happening instead in Israel:
And in Palestine:
This may all go to the greater glory of Eris, Goddess of Chaos and Discord, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


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