Friday, February 28, 2014

Viktor Yanukovich NOT Ousted...

...He JUST HAPPENS TO BE STAYING WITH A FRIEND IN RUSSIA as Kiev, where he's supposed to be running things, metaphorically BURSTS INTO FLAME.  NPR just quoted him in a press conference, moments ago, as saying that being forced out of your job and your country by youthful Neo-Fascists is not the same as being "ousted." 
So what's his definition of that word?
Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, is telling listeners around the world to COOL THEIR JETS about the leaked tape scandal hinting that corruption in Turkey is as deep and wide as the shenanigans in Kiev.  Kiev, I need hardly remind you, has been described as a "Mafia state"  that runs more or less entirely on corruption, graft, and monkeyshines. ERDOGAN WANTS TO KEEP HIS REPUTATION INTACT by ordering the wagging tongues to cease.  What he's missing is that Turkey, long described as the most modern and cosmopolitan of the Islamic countries, can only make progress, and Erdogan can only CEMENT HIS REPUTATION, by admitting that he runs his country the way the other modrun governments do -- by greasing palms, hiding funds, promoting his cronies and generally ACTING LIKE A CROOK.   In other words, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, TAYYIP!  You're getting where you need to go.  Soon you will be right next to the immortal names in world government.  You know, like this guy:
(Long live Chris Christie.  Because it's the smiles that get us through, don't you agree?  This guy does:)


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