Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm Sure I'm The Very Last Person On Earth To Post This Image...

...Of black police officer Leroy Smith coming to the assistance of an elderly white supremacist overcome by the heat at the hate rally.  It just makes me smile, that's all.   It's not quite as uplifting as this one...

...showing Keshia Thomas protecting a white man with a Confederate flag on his t-shirt, Albert McKeel Jr., from being beaten up at a KKK rally in Ann Arbor.  Before she intervened, the scene looked like this: 

...So it looks as if she got there just in time.  (At the instant this photo was taken I was sitting in class 2 stories above them.  College memories!)

But the Leroy Smith one is good, very good, because he's a black police officer living and working under the administration of our first black president, serving and protecting even though the person he is serving at this moment happens to hate his guts for irrational reasons.  That's showin' 'em.


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