Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Eris Ephemeris Selection!

I, personally, feel a little more secure if I know what she's up to.
I came across the ephemerides (linked in the first sentence of this entry) while looking for the names of the two planets I spotted out my bedroom window last night, so perfectly in conjunction that it looked as if the larger, brighter one were giving a piggyback ride to the smaller, paler one.  I assumed it must be Venus and Mars or Mercury -- how often do you see any of the others?  -- but it looks as if I must have seen Venus and Jupiter. 
Can you imagine giving a piggyback ride to Jupiter? 
I gather that when Venus and Jupiter are conjunct, great things happen.  Love and mind-blowing good luck collide.  How bad can that be?
Meanwhile, in a position in the sky that is trined to the Venus conjunction (in Leo), Eris is in conjunction with Uranus (in Aries).  Chaos and controversy are colliding with shock and alternative lifestyles.  That can only refer to this week's SCOTUS decisions making gay marriage legal anywhere in the backward, bigoted USA, close on the heels of the similar legalization of gay marriage -- by referendum this time -- in Ireland, one of the most conservative countries in Europe.
And they say astrology doesn't work!


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