Monday, November 26, 2018

...And Then There's The Other Side Of The Everything War...

By "the other side" I refer to the nifty lefties, not always (but often) registered Democrats, who are FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL with the roaring righties, often (but not always) registered Republicans (lampooned in the previous blog post).

This is a clip from Land Of The Dead, once again showing the zombies mesmerized by the fireworks launched by looters, who take advantage of the distraction to carry off everything of value, shooting zoms as they go.  In this post I want you to think of the zoms as nifty lefties.  But wait, you're saying!  I thought when you were talking about mesmerized zombies in the previous post, you meant the Deplorables!  Those sphincters who believe in chemtrails and white supremacy and the idea that Barack Obama took away the 2nd Amendment right after he made us into a communist country by signing Obamacare into law!

Well, yeah, I did.  But that was the last post, and this is today's fresh pondering.  The zombie metaphor applies just as well to their opponents.  A few examples:

>> I refer to those people who live FAR MORE ENLIGHTENED lives than the rest of the population, but who also reason that if some people have celiac disease or gluten allergies, NOBODY should ever eat anything containing gluten again, even though it's a valuable nutrient for most people on the planet.  

>>  I refer to those people who deal in identity politics in a FAR MORE ENLIGHTENED way than the Deplorables, splitting the population up into oppressed microtribes clamoring for special attention.  They seem NEVER TO NOTICE that they see themselves in the same light as the white supremacists:  a small group terrorized by All Those Other People.  Nobody on either side appears to notice that is everyone is busy feeling oppressed and scared they're not getting much else done.  OK, you're oppressed.  Now what?  Is this America where everyone can potentially find a solution, or are you all here to COMPLAIN?  This is not as un-American as having a KKK-friendly candidate win the presidency, but it still reflects TOTAL CLUELESSNESS about what America stands for.

>> I refer to those people who see that there are inequalities of all kinds out there, but who REFUSE TO DO THE BASICS TO STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT.  Voting.  Writing bills to put in front of Congress. Changing policies at work.  Starting a business that doesn't run the usual way, or produce just the usual goods and services.  Running for office.  Finding resources for people who need them.   What do they do instead of any of these things?  THEY "OCCUPY."  Protest is all well and good, but you need to back it up with something.  NONE OF YOU ARE DOING ANYTHING.  I CAN'T EVEN TELL WHAT YOU WANT except that you want all that oppression to stop.  How will you know when it's stopped?  What will be different?  What will you have that you didn't have before?  HOW DO YOU GET THERE FROM HERE?

>> Then, when you COULD be protesting profitably -- whipping up support, cash donations, legal representation, whatever it is you need -- we get a lot of 

>> I'm not going to say NOBODY's in there pitching.  But for every Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest the treatment of black men in American society, there are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of nifty lefties smirking into their phones instead of DOING SOMETHING.  When 45 calls the active protesters SOBs and says they should be kicked off the field, what's the response?  Does America storm the White House and call him an SOB who should be kicked out of the Oval Office for his un-American politics?  

In a country where slightly more than half of the voters cast their ballots against 45, and many of his supporters have ABANDONED SHIP since then, nearly everyone -- his supporters, his opponents, his enemies -- are acting as if they're going to be dragged away in handcuffs if they say too much.  Did I wake up in the USSR this morning?

Speaking from a purely Discordian viewpoint, I WANT TO SEE SOME ACTION.  



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