Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jello Biafra: Good Saint Material

What makes this man GOOD SAINT MATERIAL?

1. He sticks by his principles no matter what's going on.
2. He leads by example.
3. He doesn't seem to tie himself up in knots about what the competition is up to.
4. Hard as he tries, he can't seem to get fame to go to his head. That's good, saintly behavior, there.
5. There appears to have been at least one clear attempt to martyr him.
5. He's spent his entire adult life belching forth one inspiring hymn after another DEDICATED TO THE CAUSES WE HOLD DEAR. Like this one:

"Enchanted Thoughtfist"

I am a product of the television age
Zoom in on what's important
Get the point right away
A modern lack of patience
Is it a virtue?
Hardly ever read books
Devour 'zines and reviews

I say it again
We all believe what we want to believe
Don't just question authority
Question everything

Felt I had to confess
In Ginsberg's apartment
My literary background's mostly songs and cartoons
He said 'Oh, that's just fine'
I sort of felt relieved
But when I hurl my word bombs
How much should be believed?

I say it again
We all believe what we want to believe
Don't just question authority
Don't forget to question me!
Oh yeah, that's right
Take flight with insight

The pressure of being taken seriously
Breathing down on me
To keep up with my extremes
And keep on planting seeds
Joyous sabotage
So far so good
Now where do we go from here?
It always feels weird
When people come up to me
And say I changed their lives
I say 'Now it's your turn to start a fire!
'Start your own fire
Break the world fire (? )

I need hardly point out that the lyrics to Jello's tender ballad contain EVERYTHING YOU COULD WANT in a Discordian hymn. Guy even challenges the listener to question what he's saying. This is the real deal.


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