Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th -- Ten Years Later

Above you can see a photo of the restored, repaired, tidied-up PENTAGON. And we, as Discordians, all know what that means: THE ILLUSION THAT EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER IS REPAIRED, TOO. Let's review the state of the nation:

>> Stagnant unemployment. How many jobs did the American economy produce last month? ZERO.

>> We're still in a war. Ten years now and we're still going at it. In fact, we're almost out of the one war, but we started another so that we still don't look like we're slacking off. Hey, AT LEAST THOSE MILITARY PERSONNEL HAVE JOBS. (For now.)

>> Of the ones who have served and come home, between 8 and 10 thousand veterans are currently homeless. Niiiiiiice.

>> People still make ignorant comments about Muslims. In a recent example, I heard someone say that our president has a "terrorist" middle name. Niiiiiiice.

>> Middle-aged people, who would normally be sailing smoothly towards retirement, are still cracking up right and left. They think they have rats eating their insides, or that Jesus is telling them to KILL, KILL, KILL. That level of madness.

>> Baby Boomers, in the wake of their formative political experiences including the Vietnam War protests, Watergate, and the Civil Rights movement, are now turning Republican en masse, like so many lemmings over the cliff.

>> Everyone around here is still talking suicide. Or doing it. Niiiiice.

Yep -- SITUATION NORMAL, people. Everything is under control.


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