Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Would Appear Discordia Has Spoken!

OK, did you read the entry just before this one?  I'm sure you noticed immediately that the upside-down Mars symbol, used by some to denote Eris in astrological shorthand, DID NOT SHOW UP on the entry.


I Googled up a pageful of images of the two competing glyphs and pasted one of each into the blog entry.  When I published the entry, NEITHER WAS VISIBLE.  They were just a couple of black rectangles, without even the predictable red "X" in the corner that you see when you select a dud image.

OK, so I went back to Google and tried again.  Pasted in two other versions of the images. 


I used the "Holy Hand Grenade" or upside-down Venus symbol off Zane Stein's site, and THAT finally stuck on properly.

I tried every single one of the "Mars Needs Viagra" symbols available on Google. 

El zilcho. 

NONE of them likes my blog, or at any rate, none of them likes what I had to say in my blog.  Or you can read it to mean that Discordia wants my readers to choose the Holy Hand Grenade, period dot.

That is a true story!

Honestly, I'm pretty frustrated about this.  I wanted my devoted readers to be able to compare and contrast.  So much for that, I guess.


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