Friday, January 10, 2014

Ninth Grader Gives His Life To Save Schoolmates and Teachers From Suicide Bomber

This morning on the news I learned that a 14-year-old student, Aitzaz Hassan Bangash, tackled a suicide bomber who was preparing to enter his school and blow the place up -- that would be the Ibrahimzai School in his home village of Hangu.  This particular student was late to school that day, and was sent outside the building to stand and think over what he'd done.  He became suspicious of a man approaching the school, AND WAS HE EVER RIGHT.  Both Hassan and the bomber were blown to kingdom come.  Nobody else was even scratched during this incident.  Hassan saved 1,000 lives.
NOW HERE'S MY QUESTION:  Which one of the men blown up was a martyr to the glory of Allah?  The suicide bomber, or the unarmed, incredibly brave rescuer of his entire school?
Discuss amongst yourselves.


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