Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Exchange of Communications With My Erisian Insurance Company

OK, a couple of weeks ago I got a notice of cancellation on an insurance policy.  There was no explanation; it just said my policy was being cancelled.  I called the agent, who said there was an unpaid bill.  Well, if I had received the bill I would have paid it, right?  So while I was on the phone with the agent, I paid on the spot, by plastic-gram.

My next bill arrived for the same policy. 

I paid it the day it arrived.  I had not yet stopped scrabbling around under the bed and behind the bookshelves to make sure I had not somehow misplaced an unopened letter.  The arrival of a fresh insurance bill, unaccompanied by threatening comments, reassured me that I was receiving my mail after all, and EVERYTHING WAS UNDER CONTROL.

Today I got a check in the mail from the insurance company, refunding the amount I had just paid.

(It occurs to me that the heading for this entry is a contradiction in terms. How could an Erisian company sow anything but doubt and confusion in my mind?  How could they insure, let alone assure or reassure, any customer on their rolls?  I'll have to think deeply about this.)


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