Sunday, October 05, 2014

First U.S. Ebola Patient Recovering (Maybe) In Texas Hospital

As Kevin McCarthy said so eloquently in the movie version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers,


Yessirreebob, someone came back from a trip to Africa not realizing he had picked up a case of Ebola.  He keeled over after getting home to Texas.  Right here -- in case you missed it so far -- is the scare potential of the 3-week incubation period of this happytime virus.  It's nothing like the 10 or more years a person can carry HIV without knowing it, but 3 weeks is plenty of time to get on a plane to a bustling city halfway around the world, maybe so you can cavort with hookers or cheat on your wife with a co-worker as the fever and coughing start...And bingo, there you are with a new cluster of cases. 

The papers are full of photos of the front of the perfectly ordinary-looking hospital where the guy is quarantined, as if to say, WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE?  IS HE BLEEDING ON SOMEONE RIGHT NOW?  IS HIS VICTIM WEARING HAZMAT GEAR?  ARE YOU NEXT???

Some of the conversation I've been overhearing about this is a delight.  People nod sagely and say, "Well, he picked it up on a trip to Africa," as if to say, "That means I'M safe."  You just keep telling yourself that.  My question is this:  where else did you think he was gonna pick it up?

But don't worry about a thing, peeps.  EBOLA UNLIKELY TO SPREAD ONCE IT REACHES U.S.A. I saw it on CNN so it must be true!


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