Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Is There Something In The Water Today?

OK, I was on the road today as usual, and this happened three times in half an hour.  First off, I drove past someone waiting in the left-turn lane, and the driver had the right turn signal on.  Now, how often do you see that mistake? I thought.  Hardly ever!  BUT I WAS SO WRONG.  Right after that, someone changed from the left lane to the right in front of me, with the LEFT-turn signal on, but simultaneously using the correct right-turn hand signal for the move he was making into the right lane.  After that, someone was creeping along the edge of a dirt road at below walking speed, stopping again and again, with the right-turn signal on although they never turned, no matter how long I watched in the rearview.  Don't know what that was about, because the couple in the car were in some sort of heated discussion instead of paying any attention to the road. 

Wait, there was something else, too.    I was in court today and every female attorney who walked by me was wearing these preposterous black velvet shoes with four-to-five-inch heels on them.  Each pair of shoes was totally different, and none of them went with the outfits the women were wearing.  One petite brunette in a snappy business suit was wearing strappy sandals that had to really, really dig into her insteps, aside from being so high that she could barely balance on them. 

Attorney Footwear

Another practical-looking gal in a lumpy tweed suit and uncombed hair chose black-velvet platform pumps with the kind of heels I would only expect to see on a transvestite in Studio 54. 

Attorney Footwear
 A third was in what I could best describe as platform flip-flops -- black velvet combined with black patent leather this time -- and a rather flighty-looking white gossamer pantsuit.  

Attorney Footwear -- for the Prosecution this time, not Defense Counsel 
A fourth was wearing witch shoes with itty-bitty pointed heels and laces that went all the way up to there, and a "love me for my mind" dress of the sort I associate with Kelly Bundy.

Attorney Footwear

Fun day!


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