Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Scare Talk Appears To Be Working!

I heard on the news today that health workers around the world are afraid to go help out with the Ebola epidemic because they think they might be in danger from the disease themselves if they got too close.  I think the news photo above -- showing a boneyard filled with health workers, each grave marked with a germproof glove or boot that utterly FAILED to protect one of the occupants  -- tends to underscore the reality of the danger. 

There was an interview with a WHO doctor who said that was piffle, because normal biohazard procedures are perfectly adequate with a disease like Ebola, but he then went on to say how exhausting and disorienting it is to wear a biohazard suit in temperatures as high as you get in Liberia in August -- probably that's hot enough to fry on egg on your forehead, am I right? -- and that's why mistakes happen.

At last count, 1427 people had already died of it, in 4 countries.

But wait!  There's more!  A report also just came out saying that the incidence of Ebola is seriously under-reported, because they don't have the personnel to count every single sick person.  They also feel some of the sick are being hidden by their families so they can't be carted away to isolation units, the families feeling they are better off at home no matter what's wrong with them.

So is the fear helping spread the disease or keeping it contained? 
Maybe both?


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