Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yes, It's True!

Charlie Manson's wedding to Afton Burton is STILL ON.  Apparently it was just a rumor that they called it off after Afton tipped her hand and said to someone that she only wanted Charlie for his body. 

(To be honest, how many 80-year-olds would consider that to be a BAD thing?) 

Afton and her mother staunchly deny that Afton was planning to set herself up as the proprietor of an American true-crime version of Lenin's Tomb by claiming his body after he died, then displaying it in a glass coffin.  For a fee.

And on the face of it, the rumor was clearly laughable from the start:

>> There's no way a little 24-year-old beauty could fail to REALLY be in love with an 80-year-old convict with a swastika carved between his eyebrows.  This is obviously the real thing.

>> There is no gold-digging or status-seeking potential in marrying America's best-loved terrorist, leader of a globally-renowned murder cult.  These days that kind of thing won't even get you elected dogcatcher.

>> The business model of the display coffin is fatally flawed.  Nobody in the USA is morbid enough to want to pay to see Charlie Manson through a glass coffin lid.  And the overhead for Afton would be brutal.  They'd have to keep closing down the display to touch up the corpse, and that adds up quickly.

>> We have to bear in mind at all times that Charlie is God, Lucifer and Jesus Christ rolled into one.  If Afton didn't really love him, HE would know it long before SHE did.  And according to Charlie, the wedding is still on.


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