Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It occurred to me after I finished the previous entry that not only is Gor, the title character in this movie, an agent of Chaos.  So is the interstellar policeman looking for him, the Brain From Planet Arous named Vol.  (He is pictured above with George the dog.)
This is why I believe this:  Vol shows up and comes on like the RESTORER OF ORDER in this story, explaining that Gor is a criminal type who only wants to mess stuff up for Earthlings.  To prevent that, Vol needs to ship him back home.  So the Earthlings follow instructions and everything gets squared away, right?  When he sees things are back under control, Vol modestly slips away into the night. ORDER IS RESTORED.
HERE'S THE PROBLEM.  In previous scenes, Steve, who has been under Gor's control for some time, has forced a meeting of all the heads of state of the really important countries.  He's already shown them that he's able, and willing, to vaporize any country that screws with him.  They're all going to meet at Indian Springs the next day to Gor can start taking over the planet in earnest.
How the funk are they going to explain this to Beijing, the Kremlin, and Washington D.C.?  "Oh, sorry, I was possessed by THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS but he's gone now, honest."  Steve/Gor earlier proved to them that he was invincible by allowing someone to shoot him.  The bullet had no effect.  With Vol gone, guess how he's going to have to prove Gor is no longer a threat?


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