Monday, June 15, 2015

I Was Born A Poor Black Child...


Rachel Dolezal, NAACP chapter head, just stepped down from her post amidst a hailstorm of rumors that she has been "passing" all these years as African-American.  The shame! 
I heard it just today on NPR that her parents confirmed the horrible truth:  she's white.
Now, what does this say about us as a nation?
What does it say that we would assume that an NAACP chapter head has to be African-American?
What does it say about us that she decided to either knowingly take advantage of that assumption, OR deliberately create that impression in the people around her, OR simply say nothing and let the assumption stand?
What does it say that at age 10 she looked like this? 

And that just a few years later she looked like this?

 And did nobody notice the change in, not only the hair color, but the EYE color when she went brown on brown?

And why did she feel the need to do any of this in the first place?  All she did was stomp all over her own stellar civil-rights career.
Once again:  what does this say about her?  What does this say about us?
And -- I have to ask -- what would our president say about this?


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