Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jeb Bush's Thoughts on The Donald

Jeb Bush -- who has somehow emerged as the 'VOICE OF REASON' presidental candidate for the GOP, which might tend to explain why he's trailing so badly in the polls -- was recently quoted in the papers as saying "Donald is great at the one-liners, but he's a Chaos candidate.  And he'd be a Chaos president."

IS THIS TRUE?  Trump's entire goal in running for president is to shake things up; I agree most people would see that as Chaotic, even beneficially or creatively Chaotic.

But when you listen to him talk, you realize that he imagines that the tasks in front of the POTUS are very simple:

  • He thinks we can build a Great Wall of Texas to keep out the Mexicans, at Mexico's expense.
  • He thinks that he can keep out anyone else he doesn't like the looks of.  Especially those who had the foresight to cover their chrome domes with turbans instead of the dead weasel Donald wears on his head.
  • He thinks that if the radicalization of Islamic hotheads DOES turns out to be an Internet phenomenon -- as in, DUH -- he can simply shut down the Internet. (Did nobody tell him that only Al Gore can do that?  Did nobody tell him that Al Gore is an unbiddable Democrat?)
  • He thinks that he, a congenital multi-grillionaire whose idea of being homeless is the same as thinking those people are somehow paying with credit cards to sleep at the Ramada Inn, can rearrange the country's finances to everyone's benefit.
That sounds like he is Order-minded to me, and not in a very clear-thinking way, either.

Here's the guy I think of when I think of Trump.  A tidy, fussy, ORDERLY little man who created the most orderly way of destroying people by the million ever seen on this earth.  I know I'm not the only one who sees the comparison: 

They even have similar hair don'ts!


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