Saturday, December 29, 2018

BLACKKKLANSMAN: Not Just A Movie Title Any More

This has been a tough year when it comes to chaos and its practitioners.  Boris Johnson, not in the spotlight for a couple of years at this point, is STILL IN THE RUNNING because he's the guy who led the charge for Brexit, which has the relative peace, abundance and cooperation of the European Union travelling some VERY CHOPPY WATERS this year.  Bob Mueller hasn't come across yet, and there are only a couple of days left of this year, so there's NO SOAP THERE.  Donald Trump has been ENDLESSLY entertaining, with his tweets about how Finland prevents forest fires by raking up all the leaves and America should do a better job of cutting down forests so they won't catch fire...but he hasn't really produced much in the way of chaos other than a partial gummint shutdown.  Ho hum.

Just as I was starting to despair that we would ever have a clear winner for the Apple Roller of 2018, I saw this posted on a social-media site:

'I live in Kentucky & I'm black but a couple months ago I found a KKK flyer on my porch that said that "blacks & whites should fight together against the dirty & diseased invaders polluting or neighborhoods"...

It was very strange.'

YEAH, I AGREE.  On the day the KKK is out trying to recruit blacks to beef up their ranks in the fight against nonexistent Mexican invaders...

So it's official.  We have a winner!!!  This perennial spreader of destructive chaos has finally pulled something MORE LIKELY TO FALL OUT OF OUR CHAIRS LAUGHING, the finest possible use of their, um, communications skills. 
Apple Roller of the Year 2018 goes to the KKK! 


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