Friday, April 13, 2007

Another Prophet Of Chaos Obtains Final Reward

Man, they're dropping like flies. This week we lost a rarity indeed, a conscious and calculating prophet of Chaos. How else can you describe an author of a long string of stories and novels concerned with the final dissolution of humanity? We all get killed off in these stories, not because humanity has it coming or because there is a bearded old man in a bathrobe in the sky who's finally had enough of our antics, but because one scientist just had to make that last experiment? Because some daring social engineer decided to level the playing field and make everyone feel equal? Because a pharmacist somewhere decided that our natural makeup was too problematic, and needed to be adjusted with the help of chemicals? Truly, this is Thomas Hardy brought into our own century. And now, no more novels. No more of those great stories. No more of that haymaker-to-the-head way he had of pointing out certain facts.

It's a little hard to even grasp that Kurt Vonnegut is dead. I'll adjust. I guess.

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