Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yes, Virginia, The Hodge and the Podge DID Exist Before Anyone Ever Heard of Greg Hill or Kerry Thornley...

OK, so I'm flipping through this book sent to me by a Sub-Genius operative in the Florida panhandle, and WHAT DO I SEE?
"The brain, he said, is run by Menorgs (short for "mental organizers"), tiny thinking organisms that power all constructive voluntary actions...Unfortunately, every brain is riddled with an opposing army of Disorgs, or "mental disorganizers," who are 'microscopic vermin that infect the cells of the mental system and destroy the mental instruments constructed and operated by the Menorgs.'"

This was quoted from William Lawson's Lawsonomy in Felton & Fowler's Famous Americans You Never Knew Existed, Stein and Day, New York, 1979,  page 238.
Obviously, this author -- painted by Felton and Fowler as being crazier than a bear stuck in a honey tree -- had the wisdom to divide the world up according to Order and Disorder, rather than the MUCH sillier divisions of Good and Evil.  This book came out in the 1930s, by the way.  Lawson's fans appear to have worshipped him as a virtual god, and I can easily see why.  During the Great Depression he advocated for the rejection of the gold standard, to be replaced by a new system of "valueless money with no purchase power."  How can anyone not like THAT? 
Let us now toast the divine balance of the Menorgs and Disorgs, the Eris and the Aneris, the Hodge and the Podge
within each of us. 


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