Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Desert Blooms!


You may not recognize this beauty spot -- it's Death Valley in California, where it gets to be over 120 degrees Fahrenheit on an average day (that's 49 degrees Celsius).  You take your life in your hands even setting foot on this real estate.  So why is it covered with pretty yellow flowers?  This guy did it:

'Kay, I'm just joshing.  But what everyone keeps calling the "Godzilla El NiƱo" is the real reason.  So, close enough, right?   The state of California -- invariably described as "drought-stricken" in the news -- has gotten so much rain in recent weeks that the desert bloomed, quite literally.  They still call it a "drought-stricken" state, so how much torrential rain they are asking for before they'll call of the drought remains an open question.  NOW MIGHT BE THE TIME TO QUIT GRIPING ABOUT THE FRIKKIN' DROUGHT, PEOPLE.  The rest of the state really is starting to look as if Godzilla had showed up for lunch, and NOT because of drought conditions -- houses are perched precariously on cliff's edges that used to be hillsides, cars are washing away with screaming people inside, and some really big trees and walls and la de da are getting knocked over by hailstorms, winds of over 100 mph, and floods.  Those are the areas that aren't covered by 5 feet of snow. 

What a difference a couple of degrees makes!  What I like is that everyone is describing this scenario with the word CHAOS.  The funny part is that all this fuss is simply a function of Nature trying to res-establish balance -- restore ORDER.  So what do we have here?  Chaos or order?




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