Sunday, April 03, 2016

Burn It All Down To The Ground!

People tell me that some hardcore liberals -- staunch Bernie Sanders supporters -- are so tired of Washington "business as usual" that if Bernie does not win the nomination, they are planning to vote for Donald Trump.  That kind of trips me out, but it makes a certain kind of sense.  Either candidate is all about taking the system by the ankles and shaking it upside down -- or maybe tearing it down to the ankles and rebuilding from scratch.  But are they really anything alike otherwise? Once they rebuilt the systems according to their own agendas, would the end results be anything the same? Could they even have lunch together without disaster?

And do the voters understand this?

I have to say I'm laying this at the door of Barack Obama.  He's been the most upfront, transparent, email-me-anytime president we've ever had, bar none.  When Capitol Hill gridlock keeps him from getting business done, he goes ahead and does it anyway...AND is open to discussion about it afterwards.   When there's a howling mob outside his door saying WE WANT HEALTH INSURANCE or FIX THE ECONOMY, he listens and finds a way to (mostly) make that happen without a lot of politicking.  His attitude since the midterm elections that packed the House and Senate with right-wing haters has been "Oh, you're not playing ball today?  Neither am I.  Eat THIS." That's sort of the same thing Bernie and Donald are talking about, but I wonder if they've got the chops Obama has.
We shall see!



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