Saturday, May 07, 2016

It Does My Heart Good...

...When I go to someplace with a waiting room and listen with satisfaction to people RANTING at each other about their dippy religious beliefs.  There's a lot of that going around the country at the moment, and more than average where I live.  A couple of hours ago I listened as a friend of mine, someone I've known for years, OUTED herself as being TOTALLY INSANE, talking about how the Book of Revelations explains clearly that at some point, everyone who identifies as Christian will be BEHEADED, and she's going to be ready for it by doing this and this and this.  Wow, you think you know someone.  I should have seen this coming, I guess.  A couple of conversations ago she talked about her expectation that we're going to have a civil war here soon.  Over what!?  She didn't say.

The guy she was talking to today -- a stranger to me -- said affably that he was tired of hearing people "weeping and praying," saying "I'd rather just kill 'em" (meaning the enemies of Christianity?  Or maybe the prayerful weepers?).  Anyway, there's someone he's looking forward to killing.  Because he's a Christian.

A second friend of mine dipped her beak in the conversation a couple of times, saying that this or that book in the Bible was an especially good one in her eyes, but carefully stayed in the shallows, not diving too deeply into the crazy pool.

Me?  I just sat back and basked in the paranoia. 


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