Sunday, May 01, 2016

Restoring Order...I Hope

I just want to draw your attention to the disgrace of Denny Hastert for a moment.  The longest-ever Speaker of the House turns out to be what guys in the Michigan prison system call a "cho-mo."  Right now he's begging the authorities not to send him to prison because he's, you know, not well and an old man and SOOOO important that he shouldn't be treated like every other "cho-mo" in history.  Doesn't he kind of sound like this crying, puking, self-pitying murderer?

One of Hastert's accusers said he kept the worst secret of his life for over 40 years.  I wonder what it was like to watch the guy who raped him get to be third in line for the Oval Office?  I'm not sure what finally made these guys come forward, but I do want to point out that when they did, they were stepping onto a wide, well-plowed road paved over many decades with the blood, sweat and tears of female victims who had NOWHERE TO TURN until finally one guy with some clout -- Sigmund Freud -- started taking their stories of sexual violence seriously.  Amazingly, when they were taken seriously, these women started getting over all kinds of problems, from social anxiety to hysterical paraplegia.  GO FIGURE!  

Male victims are about where the gals were 50 or so years ago -- just stepping out of the shadows in significant numbers for the first time.  If this keeps up we can finally maybe get a decent nose count and see who really needs to be behind bars. 

Let me direct your attention to the upper left block in this graph:

Telling the truth about a long-held secret RESTORES ORDER, if only the Order of your insides.  It's worth it.  Try and you'll see.


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