Friday, August 26, 2016

OK, Now We Know The Terrorists Have Won...

This is a photo of the beach cops on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, forcing a Muslim woman to disrobe at gunpoint because she wore a "burkini" instead of standard Western beach togs to hang out on the strand.  I learned about this when the Deputy Mayor of Nice was defending the action on the radio, saying the woman could not possibly have been comfortable in that getup.  (Maybe he thinks it's more comfortable to be forced to disrobe in public by a group of armed men?)  He said several times that it was provocative and inflammatory to wear that outfit, especially on the same beach where an unbalanced Muslim recently got behind the wheel of a semi trailer truck and ran down a screaming crowd of Bastille Day merrymakers.
All I heard the guy saying was, "These terrorist acts are really working like a charm.  If I see someone in public that I can identify as a Muslim, I'm petrified.  I'm so scared that I can't even stop to think."  Maybe it never crossed his tiny mind that a Muslim who can be easily identified by his or her dress is a lot less of a threat than a stealth operative, dressed like everyone else.  Remember these guys?

They don't "look like Muslims" to me, either, and yet what are they?  Islamic terrorists. 

Maybe it's never crossed the deputy mayor's mind that almost none of the Muslims in France -- or around the world -- mean any harm to anyone at all.  Regardless of how they're dressed.
Or maybe I'm just stupid, and the fact that she was wearing a burkini meant she was planning to set fire to everyone on the beach, huh?


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