Friday, May 27, 2016

Taking Whose Name In Vain?

I just wanted to point out that while there are still people who practically swoon in horror if you use the name of one of the Christian deities in a casual and offhand manner, there's nobody ANYWHERE who gets offended if you use the word "chaotic" as a pejorative.  For some really orderly, linear types, they see it as the ugliest word in their language.  A therapist once described my family of origin as "chaotic" in a tone of voice suggesting that it was a worst-case scenario of some sort, and even if it wasn't quite as bad as being close to the blast at the bombing of Nagasaki, well --  she implied strongly that it was TOO MUCH TO ASK and NOT TO BE ALLOWED.
I wish I could convey the tone of voice she used.  The tone of voice so many people use when they describe something or someone as -- gasp -- CHAOTIC.
And they often seem a bit puzzled if I don't recoil when they use that dirty, scary word.  In fact, I tend to beam when I hear it.
Can I just point out, at the risk of being redundant, that the symbol of Chaos is a golden apple?  And that when Eris rolled that apple into the middle of the wedding party, all the goddesses dove for it and proceeded to fight over it?  Does that sound like an unattractive item to you?  Look how pretty:

Does this seriously look like the worst thing that could happen to you?  Me, I want to take a bite and see how it tastes.  Remember when King Midas touched an apple and turned it to gold?  He discovered he COULDN'T taste it and got all upset.  In fact, he STARVED without that tasty orb of Chaos.  Poor guy!
See, being WITHOUT it is the worst thing that can happen to you.  Right?  Right. 


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