Monday, May 30, 2016

An Apple Of A Different Color...

OK, yesterday (Sunday) I was confronted with a DIRE TEMPTATION.  This is something you don't have to be a Discordian to understand.  I was sitting here at my desk at work, doing nothing of any importance, and a co-worker rushed up to me and said she'd found a problem and could I please report it IMMEDIATELY?  She showed me to the restroom, and demonstrated how when you turn on the left-hand sink, the water pours not through the sink trap and down the drain, but directly onto your shoes.

This brought a smile to my face.  In this same restroom, when we first moved into the building, they couldn't get the lights to work for nearly a year.  It transpired that nobody had ever screwed light bulbs into the fixtures!  I had to laugh when the building's major domo informed me of this splendid fact.  "And nobody noticed in all that time!?" I asked, and she answered me, "Sure somebody noticed.  I noticed it after the first week."  "Well, where are the light bulbs?" I asked.  "I'll put them in right now."  "You can't!" she said.  "Only a licensed contractor is allowed to make repairs!  It's policy!"

That incident made my whole week, let me tell you.  I kept detouring specially into that room to wash my hands in the dark until the problem was finally corrected.  It was another two months before they had lighting over the sinks in there.

And here we were again, under those selfsame light bulbs, watching water sluice across the floor...AWAY from the floor drain, mind you, making visions dance in my head of how deep the water would get before it finally found its way out.

Did I report the problem to the major domo?  Hell, no, I did not. 

But after I got home, this thought struck me.  Wouldn't it be far, far more entertaining if I went back in there and left that faucet dripping?   Or gushing?

So here I am, back at my desk on Memorial Day, feeling as Eve must have felt when confronted with a talking snake and a certain famous apple.  The thing is, I have no business being here today -- nor did I yesterday -- and if someone walked into the ladies' room Tuesday and her feet shot out from underneath her because the floor was covered with water...Well, they' might think to check whose badge was used to enter the building over the weekend.  And If they don't think of that, I have an eyewitness:  the co-worker.

That apple looks so good...

Here's a question for you.  Who ever said that the fruit on the Tree of Wisdom was red, huh?


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