Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another Embarrassing Terrorist Flop!

SAYS HERE that the latest attempt at jihad, in and around the Big Apple, was an embarrassing clusterfunk on a par with the exploits of the Underwear Bomber.  See this guy?

This is Ahmad Khan Rahami. Thanks to his terroristic behavior over the last week or so, he will hereinafter be known in perpetuity by all three names, like his criminal fellows Dayton Leroy Rogers and Coral Eugene Watts.  I want you to notice that in the news photo above, he has his pants pulled down for the camera.  This is the way I want you to remember him.  Because he was, in fact, caught with his pants down.  Now, see these guys?

They are the deeply flawed HEROES of this sorry story.  Last I heard they were still being sought by the police, but we may have their names by the time I am writing this.  They were captured on this security-cam video around the time they accidentally found a pressure cooker bomb built by Rahani, hidden in plain sight in a suitcase left where anyone might stumble over it.  Which is exactly what these guys did.  They said, hey, a suitcase! and opened it up and found an odd-looking device with a cellphone fastened by a bunch of wires to a pressure cooker.  They sort of shrugged, tossed aside the device -- breaking it as they did so -- and walked away with their prize, the suitcase.  Later, someone apparently came across the pressure cooker, realized what it was, and alerted the police.  The coppers discovered that the cellphone used to make the device was the personal property of Ahmad Khan Rahani, and full of information that led the police straight to him.  Oh, and he left fingerprints.  Which is how he ended up on that gurney in the photo above, riddled with bullets, with his pants down.

This is ultimately going to be one of the great stories of the Golden Age of the Jihaddist.  I just want you all to bear firmly in  mind that for every Beltway Sniper or Anwar al-Awlaki there are DOZENS of guys like the Underwear Bomber and Ahmad Khan Rahani.  These are the true footsoldiers of the global jihad.  You can recognize them by their flaming underwear and by the fact that they are already in police custody.


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