Saturday, September 24, 2016

Just A Typical Saturday in Michigan

So all morning I was trying to reach the service department at my auto dealership so I could set an appointment for an oil change. The phone rang and rang and rang and nobody answered. I tried again and once, after reaching the main number and pressing #3 to talk to the service department, I got some guy at his house who had no idea what I was talking about. I tried again from scratch, and again got no answer.  I then tried the receptionist at the front desk, who said they only had one guy working at Service today so they must be too busy to get to the phone. She said she would go find him personally.  She never came back. After a while, the dealership's on-hold music became a ringing phone and it went to the receptionist's voice mail. I finally said forget it, the place is a mile away; I'll just drive there. When I arrived, the place was stone silent and they were not busy at all. The phone was not ringing. The guy manning the phones was unaware anyone had been trying to reach him.  I informed him that the dealership's phones were apparently on drugs, told him about my experience with them this morning and he said thank you for the feedback. I set the appointment for the blasted oil change and came home to discover that my red primroses, which only bloom in April, are mysteriously blooming in September. This all happened 2 days after I saw that my Mockorange bush, which only blooms in June, is blooming this week as well.    


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