Sunday, November 05, 2017

Get Me To The Church On Time!

I saw this marquee as I was driving past a church...You know the kind that lets you rearrange the letters to give the message of the week?  It was one of those.  This one said,
OK, great; that's a tactic I've used with great success myself. 
(It's especially disconcerting when you beam adoringly at a recess-yard bully when he's trying to get you to cry.  That's your tip for the day.  It's only hard to do this the first time; from there it gets easier and easier.)
But I'm struggling to imagine what scenario the people who run this church had in mind when they put up that sign.  Who are they trying to confuse?  More to the point, who is it they want ME to try to confuse?  And why?
Maybe it doesn't matter.  Getting out there and confusing people is ALWAYS good advice.

Keep it up, kid!  I think it's starting to work on her!


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