Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Book For You To Read

OK, I haven't read it yet myself, but in a way that's the best time to recommend a book -- it comes to you unsullied by my opinions. (At this writing my opinions can't discourage you from reading it, either, in case I turn out to hate it.) (Because, Scrod knows, anyone reading this blog would end up blinding obeying my every whim. Right?)

Oh, the book?
Click here to take a gander at a relatively new paperback on The Goddess Of Chaos. The title is certainly intriguing, along with the jacket art. I wonder what's inside there? I love judging a book by its cover, frankly. It's like finally looking behind Door Number Three. Sometimes you turn out to be dead right about it, and sometimes your assumptions just turn around and kick your teeth in.

I'm torn about whether we need more books on Discordia or not. There's something about writing down your thoughts on a subject that forces those thoughts into a certain shape, and certainly people who are impressed by that sort of thing tend to assume that if you published a book, you must know something about what you're writing. So they tend to, you know, sort of lemming after the author as if he or she were some sort of authority. Look at all the Discordians out there who feel restricted to saying things like "fnord" and quoting the Law Of Fives as if that were everything there is to Erisianism, because the only book they've read on it is Principia Discordia. Pshaw! If you think that THIS Goddess, of all Goddesses, can be crammed into that purse-sizedbook, I've got a news flash for you.

In that sense we need many, many more thoughts on the subject, nice new ones that don't merely lemming after Malaclypse, Omar and Lady Randomfactor. Check out The Book Of The Sub-Genius for some fresh thoughts on Chaos. I frankly find some of that book wretchedly dull, but that doesn't mean I don't like it or recommend it to anyone I think can, you know, handle it.

But don't we flirt with calcifying Chaotic thought if we write more about it? Possibly. Don't we risk attracting the attention of the Goddess if we produce more books, articles, and artwork on the subject? Hell yes, AND IS THAT REALLY A GOOD IDEA?

But if we don't write, and sculpt, and discuss this subject, will it not wither away from human consciousness, robbing millions of the chance to really get their asses kicked by reality? Me, I would hate to see that happen.


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