Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Discordian Moment From September 11th

OK, I just stumbled across this in a news magazine. Probably everyone else knew before I did, because, hey, IT HAPPENED 10 YEARS AGO.

So, anyway, it was mentioned in one of the commentaries on the universal condemnation of the September 11th attacks. They said, QUITE CASUALLY, that Yassir Arafat -- supposedly the dean of Middle Eastern terrorists -- donated blood to aid the bombing victims. No, man, it was his own blood.

It already messed with my head ENOUGH that they gave him the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize. And of course, it messes with my head EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT that the fabulous cash prize originally came out of the fortune of Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite.

Life is funny sometimes, I guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your head messed up???

just blame it on saturn, I`m starting to get used to it :D

by the way I just hate when people ask me, "uuuuuh what`s your sign"

and I tell`em kitchen appliance, `cause with a probability of 99% they know shit about the subject

by the way Eris is the true ruler of Libra

check it out and tell me if you find yourself in those video clips, because I did :D

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Cliffie said...

Oh, I know! The discovery of Eris, and her rulership, is the reason I started this blog!!!

6:14 AM  

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