Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election 2016 -- Here We Go Again???

Well, this is the tightest race we've had in a while, and I'm frankly expecting a repeat of the 2000 election foofooraw when the hanging chad ruined everyone's lives for a number of weeks -- and in more than a few cases, it wrecked everything for the NEXT EIGHT YEARS.  Donald Trump has announced in advance that if he loses, it'll be because the election was RIGGED and I'm aware of two Trumpettes who have attempted to vote more than once "to make sure my vote counts" and "because the election is rigged."  I fear, frankly, that this is a pretty large section of the Trump voting bloc; they try to undermine the electoral process by voting more than once, and then when they're hauled away in handcuffs they kvetch that they HAVE to because others are rigging the election.  And apparently these same people are TOO DUMB to notice that when they come in to vote, someone carefully crosses their names off a list of registered voters to make sure they CAN'T vote twice. 

I guess someone has to represent the galactically stupid. This year that man is Donald Trump!

And may I add:
With that said, I HATE this part of election day.  I have one of those screens up showing me the LATEST ELECTION RETURNS  and of course it's BLANK.  It will be for HOURS and HOURS. 


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