Monday, July 09, 2007

A Moment, Seemingly Out Of A Dream

This one is just a flabbergaster.

I was talking to this guy, right, and he said he'd been arrested once for "manufacturing and selling imitation illegal narcotics." I blinked a few times and asked, "Can you really get in trouble for that? Is that really against the law?" He assured me that this is the case.

Now what can this be about? I think it's not only a terrific practical joke; it's also a great way to put people off using illegal drugs. Are you going to pay twice to inject poultry seasoning? "Never again, Martha; all it did was give me the runs!"

Let me play Devil's Advocate here and assume that somehow, the dumb kid next door manages to convince himself he's getting high smoking rocks of Irish Spring. Is that so bad? I think his own grandmother would manufacture the stuff if it would keep him off crack. And if it gets confiscated by the police, and if some dirty cop with access to the evidence locker uses it at home, SO MUCH THE BETTER. Serves his dumb ass right if you ask me.

I think the Liberation Front needs to get on the stick and start fighting to legalize this health-promotinng practice that undermines the heroin, cocaine and ganja industries. Meanwhile, watch your Ps and Qs, people; Scrod only knows what you might be doing in the privacy of your own home, hurting no one, that could get you locked up for 5 to 12.


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