Monday, July 30, 2007

Pentagonal Pondering

Here I am, thinking about The Pentagon again. The photo at left is obviously a "before" picture.
I'm just thinking about the blog entry I added a minute ago, and it gave me a whole new way to see the way they short-shrifted the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. See, I could go back to my own "before" picture, from the days when I lived in a blinkered moment of believing anything I was told without seeing the contradictions. At least I didn't see the contradictions as a problem, let's put it that way.
OK, anyway, I could choose to see the Terrorist Lite coverage the way I did before I learned to think critically. "If they never say much about the damage, well, maybe there ISN'T much damage." And obviously the place is still running, albeit with a large number of relatively new staff.
So the Illusion of Order is no easier to wreck than the Illusion of Chaos. You can just call in some repair guys and rope off the damaged section until it's safe to walk in again.


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