Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pretender To Norton's Throne Taken Down By Deputies

Evidently we've had a bit of an incident at the Colorado Governor's office, where an armed man wearing a tux tried to barge in and was gunned down by Sheriff's deputies. He had evidently declared himself Emperor and had a bone to pick with the state authorities.
This is a fine example of HOW NOT TO GO ABOUT IT.
Criminy, after the Civil War ended, I doubt anyone ever pointed a gun at Joshua Norton again. I mean, who would want to? He was an entirely benevolent Emperor of the United States -- and, let us not forget, Protector Of Mexico -- and never got in anyone's face about it. He was a great leader to his constituents and was loved by thousands. Indeed, he is loved even today. Why? He wasn't a pushy dinkweed like this guy, who evidently approached his problems like a low-budget action hero.
Maybe he actually wanted to go down in a hail of bullets. If so, we can say with confidence that he didn't get all dressed up for nothing.


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