Monday, July 30, 2007

You? Order? Don't Make Me Laugh!

This was just an interesting little banana peel of knowledge from Our Lady Of Chaos.
I was in the laundromat one day and noticed this gorgeous handmade baby blanket someone had brought in. It was made of ombre yarn varying from pale emerald to white, but mostly ice-green. It was put together out of pentagonal motifs, and naturally I was captivated. What better shape to use for a baby blanket! After the birth trauma and the assorted tortures they put a new baby through in a hospital, you want to immediately restore the sense that EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER for the poor kid. Let little Kenny or Penny find out later how things REALLY are.
So I stared, and studied the thing, and even made a sketch of the pattern to bring home. I leaped for my crochet hooks when I got a chance, and whipped up a few nifty pentagons.
THEY WOULDN'T GO TOGETHER. No matter which way I lined them up or twirled them around, I couldn't make them look like the sketch. And I couldn't get them to work any other way, either. I messed with it in growing bewilderment until I finally threw them out in disgust.
It was only YEARS LATER that I realized this was a direct message from Her Crazyship: ORDER IS NOT FOR YOU, FISHFACE. HELL, BABIES ARE NOT FOR YOU. STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW.
That's my take on it, anyway.


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