Friday, November 29, 2013

A Discordian Act Of Atonement

Well, I REALLY FEEL BAD about steering someone wrong.  I talked her into taking a certain job at the behest of my boss -- the same job as mine -- thinking she would be great at it. 

SHE HATES IT.  After only a few months she feels completely burned out and is going to the job I originally talked her out of.  Luckily, they are hiring again.  (Or they are still hiring.  Not sure about that one.)

We can all feed ourselves the usual, meaningless words at a time like this:  It was a valuable learning experience for her; she really isn't mad at you, honest; now she knows better what she wants to do; you advised her to take the job but she didn't have to agree to it; you can lead a horse to water but blah blah blah.

I can't fix things for her at this point -- I hope she has already done that for herself -- but how do I make this right in my own mind?  I followed along, LEMMINGLIKE, with what my boss wanted me to do.  I fed her the company line.  I even -- here's the part that makes me cringe -- I even believed it myself  as I was saying all this stuff to her.

Well, she told me on the day before Thanksgivvukah.  The answer presented itself immediately.  I had to break a major rule of Thanksgiving, and I had to break a major Hannukah rule, and I had to do it with a smile.
I drove to my mom's house the next day with a big platter of Thanksgivvukah ham.

Come to think of it, I probably even violated the rules of Muslims celebrating Thanksgiving.  And the Buddhists.  And Hindus!  And vegans!  I've created a monster!!!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Yeah, This Totally Makes Sense...

Says here that a Texas safari club is running a fundraiser to help protect the endangered Black Rhino.  And what, you ask, are they auctioning off?
A permit to shoot a Black Rhino. 

Yeah.  That's what I said.