Saturday, November 06, 2010

Midterm Elections = Discordian Religious Ecstatic Experience

Well, the elections on Tuesday came out MUCH MORE EXCITING THAN I DARED TO HOPE. For weeks I've been reading stuff in the news along the lines of "The Republicans must be stopped, and they will be!" and "The Tea Partiers will never get a foothold because we all know they're a bunch of demented freaks!" I even read a long piece in Newsweek about how if -- improbably -- the GOP did get a lot of new candidates in, it wouldn't make any difference, that all Obama's plans would proceed pretty much on schedule.
Well, not only did the GOP ge a lot of new candidates in, but the Tea Party now has the foothold it wants. Obama called it "a shellacking." What I have to like about this is that the Tea Party has no agenda that makes any sort of sense. They have a lot of complaints and NO PLANS TO ADDRESS THEM. They just seem to want to wear tricorn hats and holler at passing cars. CARRY ON, MY FRIENDS -- this is the monkey wrench I've been waiting for, hell, for YEARS. Can the immanentizing of the Eschaton really be far behind?
Don't get me wrong. I'm a staunch Obamanite who voted for the straight Democratic ticket. But I can't help seeing the humor in this situation.
The crowning touch -- and I just couldn't believe this -- was a tidbit I heard on NPR today while heading over to the post office. The announcer said the US voters -- stepping forward into the voting booths on the appointed day and speaking as one voice -- put four DEAD candidates into office across the country.