Friday, September 04, 2015

Golden Apples...On Minecraft!?

I discovered just today that the pervasive video game called Minecraft offers players the opportunity, not only to build castles and kill pigs that appear to be made of Legos, but also to THROW GOLDEN APPLES.  I was watching this element of the game unfold as someone in the room played it, so naturally I asked what that particular item does in the game.  He said it gave the player resistance, and showed me how he was able to walk across hot lava without injury.  (Evidently in Minecraft, golden apples can be thrown by Tony Robbins?  Is he one of the 'skins'?)  My informant proceeded to sling more of them all over the place, at one point walking down a staircase hazardously littered with golden apples.  When he came across other players he slung apples at them, too, then went after them with a sword to show me how they, too, were uninjured.  Eating one of the apples also repairs an injury.
I feel this offers an important object lesson for us all.  Making friends with Chaos -- as symbolized by the ownership, consumption, or rolling of a golden apple, in this game -- is GOOD FOR YOU.  It makes me sad to realize that so many people on this planet are afraid of disorder.  Seriously, peeps, WHERE'S THE HARM?

Oh, and there are ENCHANTED golden apples that apparently do you even more good!