Saturday, December 09, 2017

A Holiday Greeting From Discordia

I was intrigued this morning when I opened my mail.  The biggest envelope contained one of those status reports from a mutual fund I invest in.  Needless to say, because I've put money in that fund more than once, they send me 2 or 3 identical status reports every month, apparently unable to comprehend that if the same person with the same name writes them checks from the same account, they really only need to send out one statement.  It's just another small reassurance that my money is being handled by a crack team of finance experts.

Or possibly a team ON crack.  But I digress.

The thing about the statement I opened this morning is that it's addressed to RESIDENT, as if it were a sales come-on addressed to a prospective mark customer.

So, among the multiple people with my name they are sending statements to at my address, they think there's someone ELSE whose name they don't know, who needs this information and can't get access to it, even though the statements are already being mailed to this address?

>> Do they normally send statements out blind, to people not invested in their accounts?

>> Do they normally forget the investor's name, or somehow get it separated from the home address, and have to send the statement out as if they didn't know who's writing them checks from a known investor's address?

>> How can they not know that they're sending more than one statement to the same address?

Honestly, the questions go on and on.  And I doubt I will ever have an answer to them.  But I admit I'm kind of having a good time not knowing.  I'm seeing this as my holiday greeting from Our Lady of Chaos.